Stefani Warren

Stefani Warren was raised in Hollywood, California.  Born into an entertainment industry family, she spent her teens and early twenties working in theatre and television.  Her career in technology began while doing graduate research in media perception at the University of New Mexico. 

On returning to Los Angeles in the early 1980s, she married and pursued dual careers as an IT consultant and screenwriter before the birth of her son in 1989. A pioneer of the script formatting applications niche, she developed her first commercial software solution in the late 1980’s, an application that became the foundation for her company’s flagship product, Script Wizard®.  

While raising her son, she served as the marketing technologies program manager for Nestlé USA.  Since leaving Nestlé in 2014, her focus has been on new business development.

American businesswoman, application developer, writer

  • Founder and CEO. Stefani Warren & Associates (1985), Script Wizard Software (1993) and GamePlans LLC (2014).
  • Application Developer. Commercial desktop applications, custom software solutions (1987-2000).
  • Corporate IT Program Manager for Nestlé (2002-2014).
  • Author.  Script-wise, a text on script writing.