Stefani Warren

A pioneer of the script formatting software niche, Stefani Warren developed and distributed Script Wizard® and Prose Pro®, and supported the Hollywood production community continuously from 1985 to 2014. Daughter of screenwriter Ardel Wray, she grew up in Hollywood and, before founding Script Wizard Software, worked for fifteen years as an actress, playwright, and screenwriter.




Script-wise is for students of writing and media, but it is also for novelists and playwrights adapting works for the screen, for writers stalled on a first script, or anyone who wants to write a script but doesn't know where to start. Previously available only to clients of Script Wizard Software, this engaging little pamphlet effectively takes readers from no knowledge to a thorough understanding of screenwriting in under fifty pages. This is an eye-opening backstory that illuminates and clarifies an ever-expanding writing niche.

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